Corporate Communications 

Whether you are launching a startup or nurturing a fortune 500 company, a solid and trusted reputation is your greatest asset. It builds the groundwork for business performance, stakeholder confidence and employee loyalty.  Let us be your reputation managers.

Crisis & Issues Management 

Maintaining your reputation in the face of crisis can determine whether your company thrives or perishes. Some say you can never be prepared for a crisis. We respectfully disagree. We’ve been there from beginning to end to help companies navigate those first critical hours, all the way to building the business back up again. We are the 911 of communications.


Finding solutions can be difficult, and often requires an outside perspective. Sometimes it seems impossible to identify the problem, let alone find the solution. We can help your team, or your board, isolate the problem, identify common objectives and generate a plan to achieve them. From boosting team morale to solving overarching business concerns, we will help you navigate the path to resolution.


Meet the Media

Whether you’re speaking to a live audience or a news camera, what you say and how you say it are equally important. Every audience provides an opportunity to share your message, to raise awareness and to build your reputation. We’ll show you how to make every opportunity count.

Stepping up to the Podium

If the thought of standing up in front of an audience of one elicits the same paralyzing response as the thought of standing up in front of an audience of hundreds, fret not, we can help.  From equipping you with a well thought out speech to presentation tools and tips custom tailored to enhance your individual abilities. Profile is here to support you in achieving your success.