Corporate Divestiture - Multiple Site Closures


A global customer service outsourcing company instituted a number of office closures to streamline the business, making it more competitive in the Canadian market. To mitigate negativity and manage corporate reputation throughout the closure period, we aimed to position the company as a prudent decision maker that serves the best interest of its clients and ensures the best possible outcome for employees. Profile Communications acted as corporate spokesperson and implemented a communications program to ensure consistent messaging with all stakeholders throughout the downsizing period, while reactively managing media inquiries.

The Results

  • Closures generated only 16 print articles and five radio interviews during a four-month period, all of which included accurate representation of the company and its reasoning for the closures.
  • Employees acted in the best interest of the company and followed the company’s request to direct all media inquiries to the appropriate department.
  • Company’s corporate reputation was maintained throughout and beyond the period of office closures, emerging as a prudent economic operator.